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It is time to ‘fan the flames’ and spread the ‘Wildfire’ far and wide. The smallest of flames can grow into a mighty fire.

Under the right environmental factors heat can cause an ignition. Fuel and oxygen simply does the rest.

The fire continues to develop and takes on a life of its own. Even an initial slow burn can turn into a

force to be reckoned with.

The development of fire may well end up being hard to contain; wild, fierce, a

vehement entity burning up everything in its way and lighting up the night sky.

Fire symbolises many things but for me most of all it represents PASSION.

Now is the time to allow your passion, your strength and zeal loose. Let that fire, that passion burn up

the debris that lays waste on the ground and purifies in refining gold.

Kindle Afresh

Schizophrenia (original Not For Sale Pri


Mental Health Information

Mental Health Support


TEXT: "shout" to "85258"

24/7 UK crisis text service when in need of support


                                                   Phone 116 123

                                          24 hours, 7 days a week


                                                 Phone 0800 1111

                                           for children and teenagers

Autism and suicidal thoughts.

            If you, or someone else, is in immediate danger call 999.

Looking In (Original Not For Sale. Print
Finding Freedom (Original Not For Sale P

Kindle Afresh

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