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Paddleboarding being recommended for mental health issues on the NHS.

“Social prescribing” to improve the quality of somebody’s life appears to have taken a turn into an area of one of my own hobbies. Looking at social aspects of the individuals life within the field of mental health recovery is not new. Within secondary mental health services it is well recognised that the social model runs parallel to that of the medical one. Popping a pill as a stand-alone form of treatment is not the cure. A more wholistic approach brings far more benefits. I know for myself when I am out on the water life becomes a happier place. I feel so relaxed and become a happier person. Being on the water is a form of spiritual sanctuary. I find being in the great outdoors and especially on the water, these days on my SUP, draws me closer to my God. Spring is here. We have the whole summer ahead - enjoy and get out on the water!

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