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A compelling and insightful read regarding the highs and lows of living with schizoaffective disorder. A fascinating and immersive memoir which offers insights beyond what purely the medical model can offer. This is an inspiring and informative read for everyone: medical professionals, caregivers, and those living with a mental health condition.

Darlleniad  cymhellol a craff ynglŷn â r uchelder a r iseldir o fyw gydag anhwylder affeithiol sgitszoaffective.

Memoir diddorol a drochi sy n cynnig mewnwelediad y tu hwnt i r hyn y gall y model meddygol yn unig ei gynnig. Mae hwn yn ddarllen ysbrydoledig a llawn gwybodaethi bawb: gweithwyr meddygol proffesiynol, rhoddwyr gofal, a r rhai sy n byw gyda chyflwr iechyd meddwl.

Nadia Dolan. Senior Social Work Practitioner/Approved Mental Health
Professional (AMHP)/Uwch-Ymarferydd Gwaith Cymdeithasol/Proffesiynol Iechyd Meddwl Cymeradwy (AMHP)

Laura writes an honest, at times almost painfully honest, account of her life and experiences. We are told about the significant life events that have helped shape her, ranging from her childhood memories and love-hate relationship with school, her experiences as a missionary and her career as a statutory social worker.

At times the tale is a stark one, documenting dark periods of poor mental health and the struggle of trying to balance poor mental health with a sense of deep spirituality. The impact of living with voices and visions is described, and themes of shame and forgiveness are examined. However, at all times the narrative remains positive and reflective, with flashes of humour. It is an engaging and insightful read for anyone with an interest in mental health and spirituality, and for social work and social care students. 


Dr. Jo Redcliffe,

Associate Professor of Social Work, Swansea University.

Laura tells the story of her extraordinary life with warmth and humour. I winced at her impersonal treatment at the hands of mental health services, and wondered how many people feel the same. Her insights into mental illness and spirituality are compelling reading for professionals. 


Dr Danielle Rhydderch. Consultant Psychiatrist.

It should be my dear wife Christine writing this as she is a huge fan of Laura Ruth and spent much time encouraging her and watching her defy all the odds to reach, what she believed were, her God-given goals. However, Christine is facing her own challenges now as she is in care with dementia and I am thrilled to be able to commend this amazing account of Laura's journey with all its pain, frustrations, tears and joys. This devastatingly honest story, warts and all, will inspire some suffering with the traumas of mental health issues; it will challenge professionals working in social care and give Christians insights into the massive obstacles that someone with Laura's condition face on a daily basis. It gives hope to us all to see that nothing is impossible when we encounter and draw on God's grace and embrace his purpose for our lives


John Noble. Author, Christian Ministry and Chairman of the UK National
Charismatic & Pentecostal Leaders Conference 1984 – 2006.



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